How to buy PinePhone WITHOUT opening a Paypal account?
I just wanted to order a PinePhone UBPorts edition, but when I want to pay by creditcard, Paypal requires me to open a paypal account.

I don't have and I don't want to have a paypal account. Does that make it impossible to buy the PinePhone?
You should be able to checkout without a PayPal account by using the button underneath "Login" that should read "Pay with Debit or Credit Card.".

[Image: pay%2Bwith%2Bcredit%2Bcard%2Bin%2BPayPal]
Wait, so you're suggesting that in order to NOT create an account I need to click "Create an Account"?

I tried what you're suggesting, but when I click the "Create an Account" button I get to the same screen as when I fill in my email address and click "Next".

I also tried not filling in my email address but then I can't click "Next".

I've been messing around with it for quite some time, but I seem to be unable to pay without creating a paypal account. And since I really don't want to create a paypal account I seem to be unable to buy the PinePhone.

I don't know if other people also have this problem (or maybe others are not as strict as me about not wanting a paypal account) but I would say Pine64 is actually losing money this way.

Seeing the current status I hope for an alternative payment method. Either by paying by creditcard directly (stripe or whatever), adding some European payment methods (iDeal/Sofortpay/etc), Cash on Delivery, wire transferring/pre paying it to an IBAN account number or I'm even up for paying in crypto. All in all I'd say I'm pretty flexible with paying (I even open a forum thread about it), but the hard requirement to create a Paypal account is really a dealbreaker for me..

This is the first Paypal screen I get:
[Image: attachment.php?aid=1773]

Maybe it depends on your region, IP address, user agent, or something else?

Paypal have a history of trying to force account creation.  It used to be that they would only allow a card to be used a certain number of times, then force account creation, or up to a certain cumulative dollar maximum.  Checking out at the pine64 store has worked for me without an account so far, but I certainly second the request for another alternative to payfriend as the credit card processor.  People have all sorts of reasons for avoiding them.

Nice little dark pattern there.  User interfaces traditionally greyed out options to indicate they weren't available.  Now companies routinely grey out options that are available to try to deceive you and mess with your head.

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(04-14-2020, 06:03 AM)kramer65 Wrote: Wait, so you're suggesting that in order to NOT create an account I need to click "Create an Account"?

Sorry, no. I should have specified that you want to use the "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" button (as in the right half of the screenshot.)
Yeah, You kinda use it like a guest account, it still goes through PayPal, but without actually creating an account...

I used that before I did create an account.
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Since Kramer65 mentions iDeal, I assume he is from NL.
I also tried it, and it looks like the option isn't there when you are a Dutch user.
Perhaps you can try with a VPN with a US server?
But it could be that they will see that you are using a Dutch CC and block it because of "anti-fraud".
Anyone tried with a VPN?
I'm indeed from the Netherlands and I guess Paypal is just messing with us Dutch users.

The first screen I see is this:

[Image: rXNJBce.png]

And when I either fill in my email address and click Next, OR click Create an account, I both end up on the same screen (pictured below) on which I am required to create an account in order to pay.

I really would like to buy a PinePhone, but I refuse to create an account with Paypal for it. So please @tophneal and other lovely people of Pine64, please add more payment options.

[Image: 1pEQrvi.png]
If you clicked on pay with debit or credit card to arrive at that screen, I think they need that information to process your order,
regardless of not setting up a PayPal account..

But as just users here we can only give our opinions.

PayPal does have a toll free number you can call to get "first hand information"
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@kramer65 I wish I could help more, but I'm just a volunteer moderator.

I did some poking around and found this, though. It looks like your issue is likely not Pine or PayPal's fault. There may be Dutch legislation preventing unfettered use of PayPal guest checkout for you.

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