pine64 usb2 emmc reader with odroid module
tl;dr: Does a Pine64 eMMC writer work with a non-Pine64 eMMC module?

I just purchased an eMMC module for my Odroid C2 and a USB2.0 eMMC writer from Ameridroid:

Nowhere in that listing does it state the writer is Pine64, but the packaging it arrives in is thusly branded.
The module works. It ships with a Hardkernel build of Ubuntu 18.04 on it, and my C2 can boot it OK.
I tried asking Ameridroid if they had any hints to make this work, but all I got back was "you can RMA it, but if it's working there will be a 25% restock fee".

So my question is: Are these parts even compatible? I thought eMMC was fairly standard, especially since the connector fits.
(03-26-2020, 12:35 PM)nivex Wrote: tl;dr: Does a Pine64 eMMC writer work with a non-Pine64 eMMC module?

Yes, yes it does. Not sure what flavor of looking at the pair crosseyed did the trick, but I have the module up and running with Armbian now.

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