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Could you please add 128GB eMMC as a build option for this preorder?
It would be really simple.  After the preorder, you see that there are, say, 65% 128GB and 35% 64GB orders and assemble two batches.  When first assembling the units, you just put in the appropriate size module.

It would serve as market research.  Let your customers tell you what they want.  There's a good chance it would make this laptop even more popular.

As it is, it's annoying: Instead of +$20 for +64GB it's +$55 and you end up with a spare part you don't need.  The value proposition is less than half as good.

What people want out of the PBP is not necessarily a fixed $200 price point, it's the value for money.
I keep Mate on the 64 and default Debian on the 128. Would have paid a little extra for the upgrade to begin with though.
Would be great if eMMC size was a selected option when ordering a Pinebook Pro.
agree with the selectability option here for emmc at order.

if there were a best nvme option i think a 256G and 512G option would also be useful, but that is still a ways away from being stable.

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