Manjaro 20.06 requires multiple boots from eMMC to launch successfully on PBP
Good Evening,
first time post and very newbie to the Pinebook Pro (PBP).
I have successfully loaded Manjaro 20.06 (xfce) on to the eMMC of my PBP (previous default OS was Debian. PBP ordered in Nov 2019, received in Jan 2020)

recently, when i attempt to power up the PBP, i press the power button as usual, the power indicator turns red (as usual) then turns green (as usual) but the screen remains black.
I long press the power button to turn off the PBP.  I wait a moment, and do the exact same steps (I don't hold the button longer or shorter) the red light comes on, followed by the green light (and perhaps the green power light flickers a bit more) the then the manjaro ARM login pops up, and i'm good to go.

no other issues.  it simply takes more than 1x to power up the PBP, sometimes 2-3 times.  Nothing different between each attempt.

Any insight as to a solution if this is a known hardware issue,  would be greatly appreciated.  My search attempts on Manjaro and Pinebook forums capture issues related to eMMC not booting at all. Which is not my issue. PBP boots fine but takes multiple attempts to do so.

If this is a Manjaro ARM issue, i'll scoot over and make inquiry on the Manjaro forum.

thanks in advance!

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