Manjaro and Arch repository with privacy oriented software
Yeah, signal-desktop won't work atm – the version running on the PBP runs with electron, and with most (all?) PinePhone distributions it will not run for lack of upstream electron Wayland support. Plus, it would be very slow.

I have added a (very, very, VERY!) experimental build of axolotl ( though.

There are two versions available: axolotl-electron-git, which will not work on the PinePhone (see above), but seems to work fine on the PBP – main issue currently is that I couldn't get it to use the system electron, instead it seems to download its own version. Fortunately, that one seems to work.

Then there's axolotl-ut-git, based on the Ubuntu Touch releases. This will pull in many, many dependencies… but then to (mostly) launch fine. The way it's run is somewhat ugly, but well: it's an experiment ^^

Some of those dependencies might go away soon; seems there are upstream efforts to make it possible to run without depending on UT-only features that wouldn't be used on a PinePhone anyway.

For me, though, it then seems to crash (backend only, not the GUI) once sending a message – I couldn't test any further yet, though.

To make it very clear: The axolotl builds are very, very experimental. Using it with an existing Signal account might un-register your existing account (which would mean losing existing verifications, keys, messages etc.). Things might also just not work or any other terrible thing might happen. 

So only use this if you know what you are doing and/or you are willing to lose any existing Signal related data!

One last thing: messages only, voice/video calls are not yet featured by axolotl.


@pineitup : I haven't forgotten about you – I hope I'll get to work on your issues soon!

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