Next Pinephone Wish List and BraveHeart Feedback
My unit hasn't arrived yet but a friend was kind enough to trade me his for mine whenever it comes in.

I've had a few days to distrohop and play with the hardware so I feel like I can give some feedback in that regard. I also wanted to post some early wishlist items for the next version.

Build Quality 9/10 - Does NOT feel like a $150 phone in the hand. I've handed it off to a few apple users and they were shocked at the price. Chassis does have some flex but that's to be expected when you don't have the rigidity benefit sandwiching your hardware between 2 sealed pieces of glass.
Screen 7/10 -  One of the better IPS panels I've seen on a phone, coming from a nexus 5 it's a huge upgrade.
Loud Speaker Quality 4/10 - The biggest weakness I've found so far. Hands down the worst speaker I've heard on a phone yet. It does the job, but you cringe a little every time you use it for music. It's fine for vocal clarity.
Earpiece Speaker Quality 8/10 - Not quite as loud as my pixel 4, but it's perfectly fine even in somewhat noisy environments (I have 20 3d printers operating in my office)

I haven't evaluated the cameras or the headphone jack/dac quality yet. Trying to get FLAC playing has been an exercise in futility. I'll post pics in this thread of the camera once I figure out how to get it working (just haven't gotten around to it yet).

Now on to the wishlist for the next version, and yes I realize it's early but it's not stuff that's gonna change between brave heart and final. So it would need to be a new version.

Socketed EMMC - Being able to upgrade storage size in the future as well as the ability to have multiple backup EMMCs with different distros would be killer. Though I do admit I have no idea how much that would up the cost or increase the overall footprint of the device.

A better loud speaker - Honestly the biggest weakness of the current phone is it's loud speaker so far.

UHS-II Support on the Micro SD slot - The 50MB/s transfer rate limit is killing me. There are UHS-2 cards that rival and even exceed emmc speeds. Would make the device significantly more relevant as a general computer (convergence etc). With this, I can live with a non socketed emmc (though I'd prefer both for different reasons)

Software still has a ways to go, but im amazed at the progress being made every day. I'm still trying to decide what I wanna settle down on and see about contributing.

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