No Privacy Browser out yet? + my advice

there is still no privacy browser out yet! i read the article about that the pinebook pro is without many blobs and very privacy respecting.
Can you tell me why you using the standard chromium and firefox? With default search engine google? Anyway...

Best solution you can use right now:
Vivaldi Browser (disable Google crap in privacy settings and use duckduckgo) with a vpn. 
They collecting data about your resolution, browser version, location, cpu architecture and ip adress. So with vpn you should be save.  
Browser addons: Https Everywhere, ublock, Privacy badger, Cookie Autodelete and NoScript
The vivaldi browser use blink engine -> so it's a chrome fork)

Secondary Browser: 
Gnome Web Browser (Youtube isn't working)

I tried a lot of browser from the Software store (Install Flatpak for a good appstore).
- Netsurf, Iceweasel won't start i think because of arm cpu.
- Midori, Eolie, Pale Moon(Only privacy respecting browser with the ability to install firefox adoons) will crash after a while

What we need to be done:
- Waterfox and not firefox with google analytics for the pinebook pro
- ungoogled Chromium and not the standard Chromium
- alternative: Iridium Browser (best solution!), Brave, Pure Browser

-> Someone should make a armhf.deb file, saidly the raspberry pi armhf.deb files won't work with the pinebook pro. 
To make the vivaldi browser smoother and better for youtube:
Tor browser ports:
you can use whatever you want. the pbp is a piece of hardware with a *default* os with many alternative os options.

if you are passionate about these ideas, then contribute something.

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