mainline kernel hardware acceleration
(06-07-2020, 05:31 PM)xmixahlx Wrote: confirmed that the youtube kodi plugin working well with hwaccel (tested up to 1080p). h264 works great. vp9 has occasional artifacts. recommend using Adaptive H264 in MPEG DASH settings.

kodi-git thread updated and added inputstream.adaptive-git script for use with youtube-kodi-addon, etc.

Hey @xmixahlx, I've been following your guides here and I've successfully compiled a kernel with your patch set (minus the pinebook-pro patch because I started with the tsys linux-pinebook-pro v5.7 branch) and although I've built libva libva-v4l2 and ffmpeg versions you've mentioned here I still can't detect the rkvdec device in the /dev/video* devices, just hantro and the webcam. vainfo only shows mpeg2video capabilities with the hantro decoder set as the v4l2-request device. The result currently is that I can run hw accelerated kodi to watch videos, but currently it only works with mpeg2.

Is there some step here that I'm missing? Did I miss a key kernel patch or something? The kernel showed rkvdec as enabled as a module when I was configuring it.
libva and libva-v4l2-request are basically broken except fro mpeg2. current ffmpeg isn't sharing v4l2request in the decoders interface, so mpv also seems broken.

currently only ffmpeg and kodi are working via drm/drmprime with the kernel hwaccel patches. you need drm, rockchip, and v4l2 patches from linux-next as prepared by kwiboo, plus a rkvdec wip patch if you want vp9, hevc, and 10bit avc.

see the tar.lrz file attached above. i will make easier scripts for these now that they are *more stable*.
(06-07-2020, 09:13 PM)xmixahlx Wrote: i will make easier scripts for these now that they are *more stable*.
That would be awesome!
script updated and moved to git, see pbp-tools thread:

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