red/green power led not working with kernel 5.14

With linux kernel 5.13, I had a green power led when the kernel starts and is running. Now with linux kernel  5.14, the led is always red.

What kernel option/code do I need to enable in  order to have the green led ? This is some good indicator that the kernel really starts without having a console access.

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EDIT: the green led is lit, but the ged led keeps being on, and it hides the green led. The brighness parameter of the red led is 0, which is incorrect (red led should be off and brightness value should be 0).
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Xavier Miller.
If you are using manjaro, there was a bug with the green LED in kernel 5.14, it's fixed in the most recent kernel.

the leds are at /sys/class/leds

echo 0 | sudo tee /sys/class/leds/red\:standby/brightness
echo 1 | sudo tee /sys/class/leds/green\:power/brightness

I am using the patches from applied on gentoo-sources (= vanilla + some patches), running kernel 5.14.5
The current patches don't apply correctly to 5.14.6...

I can see the 2 led entries.

The red led says the brightness is 0, but if I send it to 0, the red led goes off and I can see the green led.
So there seems an initialization bug for the red led...
Kind regards,
Xavier Miller.
I changed the title to be more accurate.

So the green led is lit at kernel startup, but togheter with the red which is brighter and hides the green one.
Kind regards,
Xavier Miller.

for kernel 5.14, I did a boot script to reset the led status

for led in /sys/class/leds/*/brightness
    b=$(cat $led)
    echo $b > $led

And it's fixed in kernel 5.15 : the led is green when the kernel loads.
Kind regards,
Xavier Miller.

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