Live Debug of RIOT-OS on PineTime
Hi PineTime Fans: Below is a livestream of me debugging the RIOT-OS firmware (for the very first time!) that I downloaded from

I used VSCode with ST-Link. More details coming soon at

Here's the video:

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Excellent articles.  There is a lot of information here.  I have not watched the complete video and I have some questions.  First, the video label has (Part 2) at the end.  Is there a (Part 1) we should watch?  Also, what is the putty like substance you have used to hold all the hardware pieces together?  And are the wires soldered into the PineTime or just inserted in the holes?
Just watch part 2... Part 1 will give you a headache because it's so fuzzy... Sorry that was my first ever livestream :-)

I'm using 22 AWG Solid Core wire, which are stiff and will fit nicely inside the holes. The blue thing is Blu-tak putty. It's part of the improvised Flying Buttress support :-)[Image: 7f6fc3db77c4355927184ed6dbc6a86e.jpg]

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I couldn't find the blu-tak (I know it's around somewhere...) so I used the watch strap for support, some masking tape, and the small rubber band that came with a usb cable to give the battery some support. The debug cable is the one that came with the watch.

[edit] I tried including a picture by drag and drop which looked fine in the editor but came out as a binary text representation when submitted. Trying again as an attachment...

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