PinePhone AMA on /r/linux
I'm doing an AMA on /r/linux concerning the PinePhone today (and in the next couple of days most likely).

Ask away
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Can you translate this to English and for Dummies ?
(07-03-2020, 12:45 PM)K_Research Wrote: Can you translate this to English and for Dummies ?
I was just thinking the same thing!
Note: the original post by Luke in this thread was in January, 6+ months ago.

Explanation: AMA is "Ask Me Anything" tread on reddit where somebody welcomes others to ask him any questions, and answers them. So 6 months ago Luke was answering a lot of questions (that thread has 186 comments as of writing this comment, so I would assume roughly half of them are questions, and half are answers), and you can read them by following the provided link.

AMA = American Motorcycle Association....... I follow the races there since years ;-)

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