postmarketOS/Alpine edge image for the Pinebook Pro
This is awesome. I love it. It's so fast and snappy.

Thanks for your write-up @Surehand53, I'd have struggled without it. Micro and Termite are really cool.

I've also installed waybar and I immediately fell for Sway. This is so cool. This is exactly the WM I craved.

pmbootstrap works like a charm. I had no issues preparing the mSD card for my PineBook Pro. I "built" and flashed it to my phone as well (no PinePhone sadly, just an old Galaxy A3 2015 I had lying around). I tried all the WMs and as a new Sway fan I favour Sxmo Wink

Sound worked out of the box for me. At the moment I try to map the Fn keys so I can control the backlight (I'm doing this via terminal now, with the package 'light'). I couldn't get the battery module in waybar to report any useful information, but can't get behind the reason - I think I'm missing some dependencies. It detects the plugged in charger and I can get the capacity values of the battery via CLI, but the module doesn't get it (I've added the battery in the config). Same with the clock, but this could be related to musl.

If you're looking for an IDE check out Kdevelop. I couldn't get PyCharm running and couldn't get used to BlueFish.

Really cool OS, thanks a lot to the pmOS team and especially you, @MartijnBraam! You guys are awesome.
Guys, could anyone write a tutorial how to get this installed on the eMMC?
Thank you, keep up the good work!
Hey there,

if anyone is capable of writing a complete, quality step-by-step tutorial on how to install postmarketOS to the eMMC of the PBP I’d even pay a modest 50USD for it, for the future benefit of the community.

Love the OS, let’s make it happen on the eMMC!


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