NTFS drive not working
I have a Seagate 2.5" external drive formatted to NTFS.
When I connect the drive, nothing seems to be happening on the PBP.
lsblk does list the drive, but that's it.
df doesn' t see it.
GParted starts scanning, but never seems to finish.

When I look in Package Manager, ntfs-3g is already installed.
Any suggestions?
Are you able to manually mount the drive?

sudo mkdir /mnt/ntfs
sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 / mnt/ntfs
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Pretty sure you will need to use an external power source for your drive.

A Lot of posts here have the same or simular problem, external power source seems the only way.

The PBP just does not have enough power for most "external drives"

Unless you try usb flashdrive or sd cards.
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Have you tried the external drive while having your power adapter plugged in?
Maybe it doesn't have enough juice when on running on batteries to spin up the drive properly.
Or try one of those split usb cables that has 2 connections, one for power one for the laptop.
Did you try the USB3 socket or the USB2 socket? The current limiter for each port is configured differently (as you would expect given the spec requires USB3 sockets to be capable of delivering more power). I think the current limiter on the USB3 socket will start to kick in if the drive consumes more than an amp (but I can't be sure since I can't find a datasheet for the part).
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please do a lsusb on the shell, and post the output.
They are two types of USB adapters out there

- usb storage device
- usb ata

maybe the driver is missing here
Thanks for the suggestions. Turns out the drive is broken. Tried it with another NTFS drive and the PBP shows it without any problem.

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