[solved] On default OS (Debian 9), lxqt breaks Chromium

I tried to install lxqt on the default OS of the pinebook pro (Debian 9).

Firstly it's complicated: you have to install openbox in addition to task-lxqt-desktop, which doesn't install by default (!), And you have to go through lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings to add a session selector. In addition, the default configuration is very poor: there are almost no icons.

Second, lxqt modifies the chromium configuration folder, so that it is impossible to connect to your Google account, because the browser is not "secure" (!?)

Fortunately I had synchronize my profile in the Google cloud.

So to solve the problem:

mv ~/.config/chromium ~/.config/chromium.back

restart chromium

Chromium recreated a configuration folder.

Connection to Google is again possible.

Then I syncronized my profile, so I didn't lose my extensions nor everything else.

I just had a security alert that a "new" browser had logged into my account, but obviously it was myself.
Pinebook Pro, standard config (Manjaro)

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