Create a Stub for PineTime using NRF52-DK
(01-02-2020, 10:11 AM)JF002 Wrote:
(01-02-2020, 09:57 AM)lupyuen Wrote: So cool! :-) That should make test and debug so much easier!

For the Rust + Mynewt OS port I'm taking the low-cost (but more hassle) approach... If we had only a Raspberry Pi, how could we turn it into an SWD Programmer for PineTime? (Or ST-Link, which I'm happily using now)

Thanks for the FreeRTOS port with built-in time sync (Current Time Service)! It was really useful for me to figure out how to implement CTS on the open-source NimBLE stack.

You can see that I'm trying to steer clear of Nordic tools as much as possible :-)

It's nice that we have different approaches, it'll give more ideas to other developpers!

Implementing the CTS was not easy (perhaps because it was the first time I worked with BLE) but I'm glad it helped you!

Why do you try no to use Nordic tools? Because of closed/open sources? Licences?

If I do understand you have to flah both nordic softdivice FW and your freeRTOS application.
softdevice is not free.
And your freeRTOS application is also not free because of the SDK. I am not sure to understand the SDK license but you are not free to distribute the SDK, and by using SDK functions I dont know what is the implication. (And their SDK is over-complicated.)
Ok, the big advantage is you can get more quickly a working FW,   
But maybe it is not a big deal if we can later remove one by one nordic things.

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