The 128GB upgrade still exists?
Excuse me, is the 128GB upgrade for the Pinebook Pro still available today, stated in this page? If so, how to state this in my order?
Not that I am aware of.
That was sort of promotional, a bonus for the forum members at that time,  even if you ordered at that time, you needed to be a current member
  with a certain "Joined by date"    it was no extra charge,  just a "bonus"

*  Currently there are no optional add-ons available.

There is a small chance you may have a choice of operating systems when the next pre-order session opens in March.

BUT,  even that will likely be in batches,  example first batch Debian, second batch Ubuntu....

There was some talk of offering the 128gb as an option,  but there has been no mention of that for some time.

*  Remember at these prices, they are not making but operating costs in return.

* For now, You can buy the 128gb eMMC from the Pine64 store and do the upgrade yourself

** Sorry if that is disappointing
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The 128GB eMMC version is unlikely to return. It complicates the logistics of getting the PBP batches assembled, and would increase the cost (the 128GB models sold back actually sold at a loss).

However, you can still buy the 128GB module separately and install it yourself (it's not hard to do).
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I think it is useless to use eMMC at all when we have NVMe support. So we can have all our systems on NVMe and even remove eMMC.
(01-02-2020, 12:31 PM)Wizzard Wrote: I think it is useless to use eMMC at all when we have NVMe support. So we can have all our systems on NVMe and even remove eMMC.

Keep in mind that NVMe is not bootable in PBP and so u need to boot using eMMC first and then point to the NVMe SSD
There is a modified uboot that now allows booting from an NVMe.

Link added for the curious.
**  Having the choice to change is GREAT  !

BUT,   We do have the choice,  
>  AND  even with the NVMe SSD's that can have the power adjusted,     the EMMc 'May' be better at conserving power.
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Nvme is bootable a few weeks with that uboot fix. I am using it to boot Ubuntu so I dont need emmc at all.

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