Screws and Spacers
Personally I would prefer to just open the case, I will probably go inside several times while setting it up and making a few changes,
But, Once I get it personalized to a point, I probably will not re-open it after that except maybe a battery change..... eventually, and a
little door would not be useful at that point. or maybe a motherboard upgrade in a few years, but again,
** the little door would not be big enough for that ether.
Though the challenge of building the 'door' could be 'Fun' in itself.
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(12-25-2019, 07:29 PM)belfastraven Wrote: Could someone please provide the specs for the screws and spacers?  I'm assuming that the screws are soome kind of standard size,  and that I can find replacements for the spacers if I know their dimensions.  I have removed the back cover at least a dozen times and have already lost two screws and have broken spacers . (One was broken when I received the notebook) If I knew what the specs were,  I am sure I could buy them online here (U.S.). 

Perhaps, in future devices, slightly larger screws could be used.

  Also,  would it be possible to buy another bottom cover?  I would love to try putting a hinged port over the areas with the switches (emmc, serial, reset button, emmc socket) so that I wouldn't have to deal with the ten tiny screws.... :-)


Buying replacement screws from the Pine64 store is great, but through no fault of theirs (I know it's a small volunteer operation) orders to the store can often take weeks to get serviced, and then yet more time to ship.

I placed an order on the 29th and it's just shipping today.

This is NOT a whine about the store, but a suggestion that for things which should be able to be purchased in a standard way as a community service it would be great to have the specifications available so we can get them more quickly.

(So far I'm down 1 case screw Smile

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