Chromium Crashing if not Superuser
On my PBP, Chromium crashes every time I try to go to settings if I'm not running it as a superuser.  So I cannot enter my Google Passpharse to sync all my bookmarks.

It works fine if I run "sudo chromium-browser", but that seems to use a different profile.  The passphrase takes there, but when I go back on as a regular user, it's not synced.

I really don't want to run chromium as a super user every time.  Any thoughts on how to fix this?
Try a forum search, for chromium flags. I believe there are some flags passed at execution to run Chromium properly (at least in the default Debian.) You likely need to append those when launching it.
We'll have it solved in the next update to the default OS (1.8) due late December
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(12-09-2019, 07:56 PM)Luke Wrote: We'll have it solved in the next update to the default OS (1.8) due late December

Thanks. It's exciting have a quirky little device and watch it grow.  I hope PBP really thrives. It's a nice little machine!

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