Proprietary apps for PinePhone/PineTab
(03-09-2020, 10:53 AM)8jef Wrote: @Benoit, sorry for my long reply, I'm just trying to make a point.

Which is "desktop firefox style" containerized web apps should be the way to go, all the way. This is the only thing I'd trust as of now.

Before app stores where all the rage, phone users created icon aliases on main screen for shortcuts to preferred web pages. That worked. Probably Firefox OS was just a few years too early before Pinephones.

Apps are, and were really developed as, user traps. Where convenience meets  milking people's dry. And that's just plain unacceptable. And that's one of the main reasons we now have Pinephones.

The main issues here are trust, and value system. Unless I cannot 100% trust the product I'm using will only perform what I need it to perform, or unless I'm fully satisfied about the underlying intentions behind some organization's culture, or unless I'm fully compensated for being treated as a guinea pig, I will not trust.

For now, I somehow trust Pine64, Firefox, the FOSS community as a whole, and some independent developers. Then for me, the holy grail would be a trust less system that works, including laws with teeth forbidding anyone to fiddle with anyone's data, as data equates $. One can dream.

Therefore, I will unconditionally trust anyone and  everyone with any of my data only the day dollars become either useless or free for all.

I will add that no musical artist ever decided its musical catalogue was to become free for anyone to download, as no software developer ever chose to solve 1 and 0 problems for everyone without proper retribution. Everyone adapts to the situation, and in the end, no matter the amount of stress put on creator's back, people will create, and find ways to profit from their own creations. Which is no problem at all. Problems often start only after some interested third parties are being invited to the party.

The info you share is very beneficial for me.

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