Arch Linux on PinePhone
Will the PinePhone accept any Linux operating system.

Is it possible to install Arch Linux on the PinePhone.
I discovered [/url]Project Anakin 

and wondered why it isn't listed as a primary operating system for the PinePhone, since this phone is an opensource project.
It is possible to install Arch Linux on the PinePhone, but it depends on the distribution maintainer to add support for it.
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(11-25-2019, 09:38 AM)Rocky-IV Wrote: Will the PinePhone accept any Linux operating system.

Is it possible to install Arch Linux on the PinePhone.

Yes, as long as you have a suitable kernel.

However, if you browse around the UBports and postmarketOS forums etc you soon realise there are many challenges to setting up and using linux with a touchscreen and without a keyboard. Let alone tuning applications to fit a smaller screen factor and to work with touch input.
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* PinePhone BraveHeart daily driver with Mobian/Phosh
and you need to know hot to make that damn uboot stuff , kernel , root files , super unfriendly , I am trying to install a regular ubuntu distro with no luck

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