Just a thank you of creating a community device that makes HW fun again
Just wanted to give the Pine64 team a big thank you for making a computer that is fun for me again, in the sense of the hardware and OS (ARM is pretty new to me...not counting that one I ignore in my phone).  There have been a few in my life...my first Amiga 1000, the first time I built a MP computer for Linux (Mandrake) and this little Pinebook Pro. Part of the fun is figuring out for yourself what you can get to work and navigating its quirks and attributes, but a big part of the fun is the anticipation of seeing what the community can do with it.

I know at $200.00 this is not a profit making enterprise, so thank you for producing a a device for and about the community.
I wholeheartedly agree! Sometimes I catch myself thinking how crazy and awesome that Pine came in with a splash (that A64+ was pretty badass compared to the other SBCs at the time) and is still making splashes (i'd dare say bigger splashes) with the consumer-minded devices we're seeing today. Projects like the Pinebook/Pro, the Phone, Tab, and Time make me think Pine is on the forefront. The fact that these devices are made with an affordability in mind, makes them far more accessible than competing devices, and lowers the bar to entry for people interested in exploring what more they can push their devices to do.

I can't wait to see what projects they have in store for us down the road!

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