High Pitch Noise Coming From Pinebook Pro
Got my PBP a few days ago from the latest batch (ANSI keyboard). Also immediately noticed the high pitched sound and it's really annoying. Reading the comments here the sound immediately cuts out when I pull out the wireless USB mouse dongle.

I'm currently running Manjaro from SD (much smoother experience than stock from eMMC). Experienced the same problem with the stock from from eMMC by the way.

Tried a wire mouse as well, same result in both ports. Switching chargers (USB-C or supplied charger) or unplugging them doesn't help. So the problem seems to be entirely related to the USB ports being used. Also tried to just plug in a USB micro SD card reader without an SD card in it, and it still produced the sound albeit a little less noisy.

I'm quite sensitive to sounds like this so it's annoying the hell out of me. The way it is this laptop will probably be gathering dust until there's a way to fix it. Undecided

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RE: High Pitch Noise Coming From Pinebook Pro - by cheburashka - 01-17-2020, 09:07 AM

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