Pinebook pro and usb power
I currently use my original pinebook quite often as an off-grid media center, by attaching a usb dvd drive which I power from a largish portable phone powerbank. I intend to use my PBP this way too. It all works fine but I've noticed that when the voltage from the powerbank drops a little the dvd starts to draw power from the pinebook which really shortens battery life. Is there any way of preventing this? I suspect it's probably a requirement of the USB spec, so I don't really expect so.

I also would like to be able to run a powered hub with the PBP so I can try out some usb dvb-t sticks, will using a powered hub always have the effect of charging the PBP and hence draining the external power source quicker?

On a side note does anyone know if such a thing as a combined battery/powerbank/usb hub exists?

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