Help: Keyboard and trackpad SPI update utility broke trackpad

I ran ayufan's keyboard and trackpad SPI update utility (found here: I got the following error message:

update pass
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I'm still able to use the keyboard on the PBP, but the trackpad behaves as through one of the mouse buttons is being held down. Then after a couple of uses the cursor seizes in place. I've tried running it again but I get more or less the same error. I can work around it for now by plugging in a USB mouse.

Does anyone have any guidance on how to re-flash the SPI, or know when the keyboard/trackpad update utility will be fixed?

I heard they were working on a firmware update for the keyboard, but I was not aware they had one available yet.
I think the SPI is un-used at this time on the PBP, but it is meant for booting purposes ?
I DO want to keep up on all the available updates....
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There is no new firmware update for the trackpad/keyboard yet. @Feakster, where did you read it was to be flashed?
I'll see if I can get you the factory firmware again.
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To all those reading this thread - DO NOT run the update utility. I'll let you know when we've got the firmware.
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(11-10-2019, 07:35 AM)xalius Wrote: There is no new firmware update for the trackpad/keyboard yet. @Feakster, where did you read it was to be flashed?
I'll see if I can get you the factory firmware again.

Thank you.

Sorry. Must have misread something.

I have done the wrong thing, too.
I'll follow this thread in the hope someone finds a solution for the trackpad.
The instructions in this thread solved the issue for me:
Oh rats Step 2 didnt work, your instuctions didn't mention that you start in the wrong directory after a re-start......These instructions from so called "experts" are invariably incorrect...I should have learnt and not bothered . trackpad...thanks
even you message board doesn't work....thanks

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