Re-image Help *facepalm*
So, yeah... Deep in the documentation reads, and I'm paraphrasing, "Don't mess with the Chromium browser." I didn't see this until AFTER I had already borked the Chromium install by messing with the flags in the settings tab.

Not happy with my initial round of customizations, I downloaded the Debain image, flashed it to my SD Card so I get back to factory settings. When I place the SD Card in the bootable slot and boot up, nothing happens. Blank screen. 

Since I have the Pinebook and have reinstalled that OS plenty of times, I figured this would work the same way.

Can someone offer any suggestions on how to get my machine back to the factory install?


I did some digging and found a way to boot from the SD Card. Here's the post.
SD boot issue resolve in the latest release today Smile
(11-23-2019, 04:07 PM)Mrfixit2001 Wrote: SD boot issue resolve in the latest release today Smile

Thanks for packaging a new v1.5 release image, that'll save people a lot of pain trying to figure out how to patch the old image to get it booting  Smile

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