what is the root password for debian?
i was able to run Debian Linux with Mate GUI 20160422 by lenny.raposo with Longsleep kernel (yaay) and login using following credentials 

  • username: pine64user

  • password: password

    however, after issuing:

pine64user@debianpine64:~$ su root


it keeps asking me for password

any ideas?
Why do you want to be user root?

It's usually preferable to use the sudo command to elevate your permission.
its exactly how you said

pine64user@debianpine64:~$ sudo -l
User pine64user may run the following commands on debianpine64:
   (ALL : ALL) ALL

i was just curious, and there is no need to retype user password each time i use sudo command

anyway, if anyone want to change root password, just use sudo su, followed by passwd on root
Many recent linux distros disable root password login (and thereby su). Instead, root usage is restricted to a few users via sudo. This makes things a little more manageable, as there's is no single root password that all admins know, so you can remove root access for one user without forcing everyone to remember a new password.

Admittedly, this isn't an issue for single user systems, but it's probably something anyone planning on using linux across multiple systems in the long run to get used to.
The password is the same as the one for the pine64user account.
if you really need to be root...

as pine64user:

sudo su -

enter pine64user's password when prompted

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