Overclock past 1.8/2.2
Hi everyone! I've been testing overclocking on the rockpro64 for some time now, and I've gotten a stable ( I think ) overclock of 1.8/2.2 for the little and big cores.

However, when trying to push them any higher than 1800000000 and 2208000000 in the dts for ayufan-linux-mainline it never works.

I can attempt to set the big core to anything I'd like ( 7.0ghz ) and I get no real warning, and the clock as reported by sysfs is still 2.208ghz

I had to crank the voltage up a good bit to get them stable at this freq anyways so I'm not sure how much further I could go, but I'd like to try.

The thermals with 20mm heatsink + fan are still well within reason too.

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