Persistent Linux system on USB and/or SD?
I've used mkusb to make persistent Ubuntu on USB to travel with. Are or can any of the the many distros Ayufan is generously providing be persistent, as in a removable contained system on SD or USB with persistent files and prefs?
I realize we're early in the process here, and getting stabilized is the highest priority and i support that 100%.
Just a thought

zaius apparently answered my question in another thread:
The SD is now your system drive. So any changes such as passwords, settings, updates, etc. are going to be written to it.

Thank you!
I think this depends on if it was built into the kernel/initrd. I used to use this to run multiple live systems from the same EFI partition and the persistent storage on its own partition. I ran Kali, Remix OS and ParrotSec OS this way on the older MacBooks (2008).

Take a look at how other live Linux CDs boot configurations (grub.conf / syslinux.conf / etc) to get an idea of how they made it work.

From my experience, this took a lot of trail and error. I haven't looked at the post you linked yet, I'll check it out soon.
Power Distribution Tech and AV by trade, but I have been using Linux since around 2002.  I like the raspberry pi and pinebook pro, SBCs and the possibilities they open.

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