Does anybody run the mainline kernel?
Is anybody on an up to date kernel? I am trying to stay current, rebasing ayufan's linux-kernel-mainline against Greg KH's stable branch. I ran into an issue with usb storage recently, though. Does anybody run a (mostly) mainline kernel? Care to share any tips?
What behaviour have been seeing, something not working?

Sorry not much help, haven't tried for a few months as at the time it didn't have modules I was after and couldn't get custom build to compile.
Curious how you are getting on. Would love to upgrade past 4.9 (required for Cilium).
USB problem is described in the ayufan thread. At some point the device tree broke. Not sure what Cilium is. I do not use the video, mainly focused on the networking, ram, and cpu.
Does the following look at all familiar:

@@ -375,14 +467,14 @@

&u2phy {
status = "okay";

- u2phy_host: host-port {
- status = "okay";
- };
+&u2phy_host {
+ status = "okay";

- u2phy_otg: otg-port {
- status = "okay";
- };
+&u2phy_otg {
+ status = "okay";

&usb20_otg {

?? I am trying to determine if it is causing my USB ports to malfunction. This is on a 4.19 stable kernel with the ayufan mainline kernel rebased on top.

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