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pine64 isn't in the software game. they used mrfixit debian stretch 9 months ago by default. now they use manjaro.

make a backup and move to manjaro or debian or whatever else you want.

if you want to recreate your old debian, use danielt installer and choose buster armhf. that's as close as you will get.

you can also roll your own 4.4. kernel, and build rkmpp, ffmpeg, and lots of other 4 year old rockchip software, or you can go mainline like everyone else.
  Mobian should be ready for the PBP soon,  if it is not already.

     *     It is working fantastic on my Brave Heart phone  !
(06-09-2020, 12:34 PM)bcnaz Wrote:   Mobian should be ready for the PBP soon,  if it is not already.

     *     It is working fantastic on my Brave Heart phone  !
Excellent!!! Looking forward to it!! :-)
Has anyone figured out how to update the Firefox build in the mrfixit default PBP install? I'd rather not have to jump to Manjaro just to get an uncompromised web browser. (I guess I'd even settle for an updated chromium..)
they are taken from ubuntu - you can probably just grab it yourself without issue.

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