Touchscreen LCD replacement
I wonder if we would be able to replace the included panel with a touch screen one?

(08-10-2019, 07:55 AM)Jcarlos Wrote: I wonder if we would be able to replace the included panel with a touch screen one?


Interesting question.

One thing that is needed for a new input device, is the hardware input port. We'd have to look at the schematics of the Pinebook Pro and see what was available. Without looking, the only un-used internal I/O that I know of, are the PCIe lanes, 4 of them. (I don't know if touch panels use separate I/O from the display I/O.)

A nice thing about open designs is that you actually do get to see the schematics and block diagrams. Plus we can request design changes for version 2 of the system board. Like bringing out un-used I/O ports to board connectors. (Instead of having to solder to board traces or chip pins.) This is one of my personal projects, get to know Pinebook Pro's internals.
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Well there is no TP port on the PCB, so I cannot see how you'd do that.
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It is possible to transfer touch data via DisplayPort AUX.

Though I don't know if rk3399 can handle this well.
Some touchscreens have a separate eDP connector for the display and USB cable for the touch (can come in different forms, such as FPC, etc.), so if you were desperate to attach a touchscreen, you could connect such a touchscreen in place of one of the external USB ports (I'm assuming there aren't any spare/unused USB connections exposed anywhere inside).

Problems with this approach:
  • * Routing the touch USB cable out of the screen into the base.
  • * One less USB port, unless you can find space to squeeze a hub in.
You could use a nano hub prob can squeeze it inside and reroute an external port.

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