You guys think this screen combination would work on the pinebook or no?
I know the device uses usb c to a cables, that should work shouldn't it?
(07-26-2019, 10:51 PM)BeauS Wrote: I know the device uses usb c to a cables, that should work shouldn't it?

I'm skeptical I'm afraid. It looks like the hardware is a usb based graphics card directly connected to a display. That's similar hardware to USB based docking stations and IIRC the devices that do that tend to have proprietary closed source x86-only drivers.

I could be wrong though so no harm in asking them...
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You could also make the 2nd screen yourself.

Take a look at this "DIY perks"-video:

The Kickstarter thing costs almost as much as a PBP.
So the value for money is not great...
Marketing for this thing is BS... Says Plug & Play, but drivers are required (which is not „Plug & Play“ by definition). Generally, I would stay away from all USB-Type-A monitors. There might not even be any Linux drivers, and certainly none for ARM. If possible, try to always use one for either USB-Type-C (driverless over DP alternate) or one specifically meant for a display port like Displayport or HDMI.

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