can't install a new OS with sd card. pinebook1080.
Hey pine community,

so i got my pinebook1080 yesterday. i ordered a 64gb emmc plus usb adapter, too but decided to first try the different OS on the sd card and only install the one i want to on the emmc before installing it in the pinebook. 

i tried almost all the OS on this page. first with the pine installtool, then by downloading them directly and flashing them with the pine installer or the "original" etcher.
got different errors on each os:

o4os: just a pinebook community build screen. waited 20 minutes. nothing happened. 5 tries all the same.
aosl sd version: just a black screen
archlinux: info task kworker/"different numbers here" blocked for more than 120 seconds. repeats multiple times. stoped working after about 20 tries and just had the shell for me.
dietpi: 3 different but mostly repeading errors 
- most times same problem as writen here about by another user: no ethernet found (ethernet doongle works fine with the preinstalled os)
- stops at "loading kernel"
- ** fs_devread read error - block
- ## executing script at 44000000
4644338 bytes read in 233 ms (19 MiB/s)

tried dietpi multiple times:
error 1 appeared 10 times, error 2 4 times, error 3 2 times, error 4 1 time.

only got 1 32gb sandisk microsd right now but its so many different errors that i am not sure if it is the sd i'm ordering a new one just to be sure but well that takes some days. anyone got any ideas whats wrong?

Best, Hobbit
I'm having exactly the same issue.
Can't install whichever distro. Either it's getting stuck or there's just blank screen forever.

Moreover I can't use the preinstalled neon too.
The desktop freezes after some time after boot. Mouse is active, I can go to other terminal sessions, but the GUI one is stuck.

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