Minimal install wireless and usb ethernet
WIP, this is just the skeleton. 

On the minimal install of xenial linux, you will find that there is no handy network-manager to help you auto-configure stuff. However, it's not that hard to configure the wireless and usb ethernet manually once you know what the steps are Wink

  1. Create /etc/network/interfaces.d/wlan0
  2. Create /etc/wpa-supplicant/wpa-supplicant.conf
  3. Bring the interface up

USB Ethernet
  1. Plug in the USB ethernet cable (yes, obvious, but sometimes people forget)
  2. Check what name it reserves  (ifconfig -a)
  3. Create a udev rule to make our lives easier in the future...
  4. Watch it auto connect if you have DHCP, or configure it 'normally' now via /etv/network/interfaces.d/eth0

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