board not working with EMMC
I etrched (EMMC) OS onto EMMC using Pine64 EMMC/USB adapter.

power light and ethernet light came on only.  Waited 10 minutes..nothing else.

I etched microsdxc system booted lights on both ends lit up appropriately..

I re-imaged EMMC, removed SD attached EMMC and same as 1sst time. No boot. only lights were at power and ethernet (no lights on other end even, again) no boot after long wait.

I am DISABLED. I ordered the entire 4GBPro and all components available in August.  I received ln "LATER SHIPMENT". 

I HAD MEDICAL ISSUES DUE TO DISABILITY AND ""ONLY"" now was I aable to  unpackage and start to get the RockPro64 up and going. 

By the above issues to me atleast it sounds as if the  EMMC is potentially a bad one if BOARD runs off SD.

Outside of 30 days / but due to medical delay, can I get permission to return/swap out EMMC?

Most Humble appreciation for your time and consdieration.

i am dedicated to your RockPro64 product.  Once I get this one up and running as super efficient desk unit for me,  I have other real projects requireing 10-12 more Units with all components being used as many different key projects.  I want RockPro64 as my (backbone) to everything I set up and run.
This might sound weird, but did you try booting with both SD and eMMC card present? I had to try this workaround when booting eMMC on my Rock64. For long term you can also set the jumper pins correctly.

My RockPro64 boots from eMMC out of the box however.

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