Rockpro64 boot issues
my quess is theres something wrong with the board... from what your describing and the leaving it over night and working again makes me think there may be a bad cap someplace on the board thats not discharging properly so when going to restart its still seeing voltage present on the board thats interfering with the power up checks... computer motherboards do that as well at times and usually can be fixed by  recapping the bad caps but in the case these days its not worth the time to troubleshoot the board as they are pretty cheap.
I recently purchased a RockPro64 and am setting it up with an eMMC module and having the same issue.

I've tried armbian Streth and Bionic, ayufan's Stretch and Bionic, DietPi, and mrfixit2001 Debian. All have the same issue and some cannot even complete setup as a reboot is necessary.

The board's power LED will stay lit, but the while LED will not come back on and it can only be rebooted after removing power or a combination of hard reset and power buttons.

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