How to get a minimal Debian system started?
Hi guys,

I'm trying to migrate my homemade headless NAS/mediaserver from an old Odroid U2 board to the Rock64. However, I haven't found any micro SD card image that boots into a system that I can reach via the network. The board just doesn't show up in the overview of my router, nor can I find it using nmap from my desktop PC.

I've tried various images from ayufan's site (haven't found any other), but to no avail. I'm well familiar with tools such as xz and dd, and I know that micro SD cards aren't the most reliable of media. But I can mount the partitions of the flashed SD card just fine on my desktop PC, so that is not it.

So, any hints on how to proceed? I haven't tried to connect the board to a HDMI monitor (it's a bit awkward), but I think any system should at least be pingable via the network.

Have you tried Armbian? They have a Debian Stretch server (minimal image).

I am running on on a number of Rock64 boards and it works fine.

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I grabed the minimum debian.
I grabbed the parrotsec alternative installer.
Bash , can grab 6 embeeded etc..

While this is next often bad: can bridge lan wifi virtualbox cards on windows bridge.

(Since our landlord , loves DS-HELL.. wont let us use cable/FIOS..)
this lets me bond wifi to rockpro64 while i get built in wifi screen linux kernel drivers etc. Using more Public sources of internet...

( the AT&T DSL @10 mins or less of uptime at a time... became annoyed im paying for toiletpaper but getting an empty roll..)

Then from thier i wont care.
As i can use xfce4 on windows10 via ssh ie moba uses x11 and can pull from cygwin/etc packages ie xfce4..
Or kitty on Sabayon(Gentoo) Linux to fwd x11 to screens. To send commands etc..

So far ive added xfc4 firefox cross-gcc-dev

Parrotsec embedded list of packages..

I need next to add mali drivers. And the wifi/bluetooth drivers.. ntfs3g (as my gentoo bins were pulled via dropbox and pushed to 2tb external. ) distcc +avahi..

To emmc, ive parted a bios grub , efi, boot, gentoo stage4 arm64 minimal to root, added normal swap part as doing emerge/compiles in chroot kernel.. etc.. )

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Well, it works now. Turns out that my SD card was defective, after all. Very frequent failure mode but I thought I had ruled it out. Thanks!

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