Batocera for RockPro64
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Batocera - a retro-gaming distro - has now been released for the RockPro64.

You can download it here.

More information about Batocera can be found on their website and wiki.
Many thanks to the devs!
You can find me on IRC, Discord and Twitter

Added Batocera Linux version 5.20-20190121 on Wiki and Pine64 Installer
Updated Batocera Linux version 5.21-20190326 on Wiki and Pine64 Installer
Please, anybody, help with porting to Pinebook Pro Smile
Latest version (5.24 afair), has a problem with sound, that disappears after 1st boot.

You write the SD/EMMC, then you boot and everything is ok.
Then you shutdown, and start it again and then it has no sound.

Ctrl+Alt+F4 to check the Alsamixer (as shown in some websites) doesn't work, so I cannot see why it is off.

Hopefully this will be fixed in next version.
Hello dear members.

can i install Batocera on Pine a64?
Batocera 5.25 released.

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