u-boot (forks) status
(10-14-2019, 12:50 PM)ayufan Wrote: I'm now working on switching to mainline u-boot for all my distros and to provide exact same functionality. Seems fairly doable Smile

Hello @ayufan. Any updates about this?
@XmAz, unfortunately I have not been able to get a mainline U-Boot build working.
(08-08-2020, 12:05 PM)CameronNemo Wrote: @XmAz, unfortunately I have not been able to get a mainline U-Boot build working.

@ayufan did begin updating his images with mainline uboot. It might be worth looking to see what ROCK64 imgs he's updated in the last 6mo.
False alarm on my side actually... finally set up the serial console and discovered it was a kernel issue, U-Boot 2020.07 and ATF 2.3 work fine here using the open source SPL/TPL.
Quote:I'll write up a lengthier tutorial when I'm done but to start using the mainline version of U-Boot, assuming you have the prerequisites taken care of (the cross-compilation toolchain installed if needed, the ARM Trusted Firmware BL31 built and the CROSS_COMPILE and BL31 environment variables set appropriately), you'll need to ....

Thanks, simonsouth, for your primer.  Looking forward to the lengthier version if you ever find time.  

I want to boot a efi_stub enabled kernel, and this 2017 u-boot doesn't know the "efidebug" command, which is necessary, according to these instructions.  Your tutorial is encouraging enough to proceed to try and build and upgrade u-boot.

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