Boot from SPI first
Hi, is it possible to boot from SPI when emmc is inserted?
When i want to boot armbian buster (NextCloudPi) from sdcard/emmc without spi u-boot (installed from i've got kernel panic during boot. When using spi u-boot from ayufan it boots NexCloudPi from sdcard properly. Sadly it doesn't work for emmc. Propably it ignores SPI and goes straight to emmc boot Huh

Maybe I can somehow "broke" u-boot on emmc so it will think it is not bootable and next SPI u-boot will look for u-boot on emmc and load it?
Does each storage need its own uboot?

I was hoping to install uboot onto the SPI along with OpenWrt, and setting a boot order preference within uboot to:
1. USB
2. uSD card
3. eMMC
4. SPI
5. network

This way I could have my primary OS on eMMC, and a test OS on either uSD or USB, and if all else fails, it would boot OpenWrt from the SPI (if present) or attempt from the network.

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