No Video Regardless of what OS is installed
I received my Pine64+2GB board yesterday and have spent the last 24 hours loading SD cards with various OS's and trying to boot from them. I have followed all the instructions on the Wiki and have had little success. Even though I connect my HDMI monitor directly to the Pine board I have never seen even a flicker on the screen anytime during a power up boot. Some OS distributions like Android and arch-pine64-bspkernel-20160403.img showed some signs of life after booting (the audio speakers buzzed specifically whenever the mouse was moved) but still no video. The arch-pine64 image definitely booted to running code since networking worked and I was able to ssh into the board from another PC but still no video on the pine monitor. Now I know that my monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, and network cables work since when I plug them all into my RaspberryPi it boots up just fine.

Can anyone suggest something else that I can try? My guess is that I have non-functioning Video hardware on my board. What do you think? How do I get a replacement board?
Do you have another hdmi display to test with?

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Board: Pine A64+ 2GB board.
MicroSD: Samsung Evo/+ 32/64GB
No, I don't have other HDMI displays. The extra monitors I have are all VGA.
Like I mentioned in the original post, I know the HDMI monitor works since my whole hardware setup works when I replace the pine board with a Raspberry Pi.
Actually right now, the pine board is still under going development to make things right. So in my opinion, what works right now may not work with the pine yet, especially displays. We see so many folks with issues getting the screens working.
Do you maybe have hdmi adapters to play around with? Stick it to other displays etc. Or some other hdmi cables? Sorry I can't be of much help.

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Board: Pine A64+ 2GB board.
MicroSD: Samsung Evo/+ 32/64GB
Contrary to what some other poster have claimed, I discovered that using a cheap HDMI->VGA converter between Pine and VGA monitor works (although with crappy resolution). I now have video on my monitor. Does anyone know why a HDMI->DVI adapter does NOT work?

Thanks for all of your responses!
HDMI->DVI: digital signaling
HDMI->VGA: analog signaling
Digital signaling--> unable to negotiate a proper handshake between the 2 devices, thus resulting in no display.
Analog signaling--> just send signal to display
That's my understanding. Experts out there, do correct me if I get this wrong.

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Board: Pine A64+ 2GB board.
MicroSD: Samsung Evo/+ 32/64GB
My monitors that use a passive HDMI->DVI adapter work just fine with my graphics cards and Kubuntu in my desktop pc so I don't understand why it won't work with the Pine64. I agree that if the Pine is trying to do handshaking with the monitor then that can create a lot of potential problems. So, is there a way of telling the HDMI hardware to forgo the handshaking?
does your monitor support 1080p? if not can you tell me what linux distro you are using. You may require to make the framebuffer go to a lower resolution (1280x720)
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I installed the following on my Pine64 from the Wiki download page: Arch Linux Image with XFCE4 Base on Longsleep Image 20160304-1

My monitor supports 1920x1080. Hopefully, this issue does not require reducing the resolution since my Raspberry Pi has no problem with this resolution and my sole purpose of getting the Pine64 was to replace the RasPi.

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