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SoPine SPI booting
I pushed quite recent u-boot with sunxi and apritzel patches that allows to enable SD/eMMC/USB/PXE booting of SoPine.

This new u-boot can also be put on SPI to allow booting without SD/eMMC.

You can find sources and releases here: https://github.com/ayufan-pine64/bootloa...d/releases.
Great ! Looking forward to the clusterboard for PXE booted sopine clusters at home Smile

@ayufan: As I lack knowledge related to kernel build and Linux builds for the SoPine, do you think it might be possible to "hack" the LinuxKit toolkit (https://github.com/linuxkit/linuxkit) and build SoPine compatible rootfs images instead of RPi3 images : https://github.com/linuxkit/linuxkit/blo...rm-rpi3.md ?

In this toolkit they use u-boot to start the RPi3 so I think we might even be able to adapt the process to boot from a ".img" image no ?

Thanks in advance Smile
Maybe. But I would look for 64-bit.
So I am trying to use this SPI build with the new Sopine clusterboard and am having a ton of issues. It'll boot, and start looking to boot from dhcp, but it isn't connecting to the network(I don't even see a dhcp request come across when I tcpdump the upstream port). 

It works fine when a node is in the sopine baseboard, and I am also having networking issues with all images except your minimal xenial build. Things will boot, but they won't make any network requests.

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