Making a Ubuntu Server image for SD Card
Hi all!

So I finally got my board in the mail and I starting to experiment with it. I loaded up the premade Arch Linux Distribution and played around with it for a while, but now I'd like to start trying to load the board with a Ubuntu Server 14.04 image, since I plan to use it as a lightweight headless server. I am not planning to use any GPU functions, so I don't care about lack of hardware GPU acceleration.

The question that I have is essentially this, how can I take the Ubuntu Server ARM images provided here (and which arm image do I need): along with the current Linux kernel builds provided here: to create a bootable SD card to run this on my Pine 64? For reference, I have the Pine A64+ 1GB board.


PS: I am only a CS undergrad, so I am still learning a lot about different architectures and this is my first foray into low level ARM boards. In other words, sorry if this seems like a dumb question!
Use longsleep's latest Xenial image and you have all you need except of a kernel you can trust in Wink
All you need is here:
Thanks for the info, I will try that image out! Smile

Out of curiosity though, what kind of process would I have to go through to "roll my own" images for this board? I can imagine that it's a relatively complex process, but is there a good rundown of how to get started?

EDIT: For future reference for those with a similar question, this is what I was looking for.

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