Xenial Mate: Screensaver Preview & LibreOffice Slideshow problems
Using Xenial Mate on Rock64 4GB, I have consistent problems with the Control Center Screensaver and the LibreOffice Impress Slideshow. 

In the Control Center Screensaver whenever I press the Preview button, the system locks up. The mouse cursor moves around, but both keyboard and mouse are not able to do anything.

In LibreOffice Impress, when I try to run a Slideshow (F5), the Slideshow is not seen, but the system appears to be locked up. The mouse cursor moves, but you cannot do anything on the desktop. However, if you press the Esc key, then LibreOffice Impress returns to normal mode. It seems like it tried to launch the Slideshow, but the Slideshow never appears.  Note that the LibreOffice Impress Slideshow function worked correctly and reliably in the Debian image Build 20170809. So there is something unique about the CXenial Mate image. 

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

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Xenial Mate: Screensaver Preview & LibreOffice Slideshow problems - by moravecz - 08-26-2017, 09:59 PM

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