Mate Kiosk Problem on Rock64
Hi gang.  I have the strangest problem and figured I'd see if any of you have experienced it.  I'm using the latest xenial mate image on a high quality sd card with plenty of power. 

For those of you who don't know this, chromium browser can be run with a -kiosk flag that fullscreens it and takes away the location bar. You can still close it with altf4, but otherwise you'd never know it's a browser. 

On this Rock64 image, right "out of the box", when you put it into kiosk mode and autolaunch, when it boots, it's hidden, and there is a tab of it down in the tray.  It's there, technically. You can grab it sometimes and move it, without being able to see it, and the computer is locked until you hit altf4 and close chromium. 

And get this, on two occasions, it didn't happen and it booted into chromium fine. 

It's like it can't render it, and this is the 4g model of the rock64. 

Debian mate doesn't do it.
Hi again. I still haven't found an answer to this problem. There is a similar thread on github and it didn't really go anywhere.

Anyone have any ideas?

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