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why do YOU like your pinebook
this is more a global question.

for me personally it's the upgradability, swapability of EMMC and price that attracted me.
Because it is the first private notebook I own that I bought myself.
First laptop that I own that actually runs Linux without major glitches. (All the others I tried to run Linux on had WiFi or Video problems, or both)
Also performance isn't that bad, especially for it's price. And battery life is good, getting around 8 hours on a full charge.

Bad things? Occasionally windows don't properly refresh (most noticeable in chrome right now). Still working in disabling the touch-pad while typing, as that screws me up occasionally. And the battery charging time (~5 hours)
I like on the Pinebook that it is (for me) the first real ARM Notebook which sells with Linux (and not only Android) without hacking.
Therefore I had a ARM Chromebook and "hacked" it to run Linux.

Second I like the Performance under Q4OS and Chromium.

My Ordoid C2 with MATE isnt that fast as the Pinebook (could be Ubuntu/Mates fault and not the C2 - to much memory-usage against Q4OS)

Third the price and the white color Smile

Fourth - I like it exotic and limited. Like to have new things which not everbody  use like Apple or Windows.
I like ARM, I like the idea of experimenting with a new device, I like that the OSes are all basically crowdsourced builds, I think the look and feel are impressive for the price, and I like the PINE projects and hope to fund them and try them all more or less.
it doesn't get happy
it doesn't get sad
it just runs programs
  • Open source!!
  • Upgradeable
  • Weight
  • Modularity
  • ARM
  • Industrial design is amazing
  • Community
  • Battery Life
Very excited for the future of this project!
(08-14-2017, 03:34 AM)guidol Wrote: I like on the Pinebook that it is (for me) the first real ARM Notebook which sells with Linux (and not only Android) without hacking.
Therefore I had a ARM Chromebook and "hacked" it to run Linux.
Same on boat. Pinebook price is cheaper than ARM-based Chromebook and upcoming ARM-based Windows 10 laptop. I hope they can boot linux via USB without hacking but I'm staying Pinebook until it died. I'll look Pinebook 2nd gen, other brand ARM-Linux laptop, or ARM-based Windows 10 laptop.

Here are things I liked:
- ARM (Why not? Less heat then Intel laptop.)
- MacBook Air Design with WHITE THEME!
- Upgradable EMMC (I've seen it first time)
- Playback 1080p30 video with USB-powered hard drive!
If Microsoft ever does applications for Linux it means I've won.
Linus Torvalds
I like my pine book for these reasons:
- low cost
- powerful enough for daily stuff (Calc, Scribus, TeXMaker, etc.)
- linux, so easy to handle and not limited in applications
- all day battery life
- lightweight
- well build quality

in no particular order....
I got the Pinebook initially because of the price. It seemed reasonable and I have wanted a small and lightweight Linux machine for a long time.
I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived. The build quality is much better than you'd expect from other machines in the same price range.

It is also lightweight and fits into my bag easily. I am studying for a diploma with my work. I was taking my 17" MacBook Pro into the library. Whilst I do love that machine my 14" Pinebook is far more convenient to carry around. 

As I mainly use it for typing up assignments I LOVE how LibreOffice starts quickly.

I do intend to upgrade the eMMC. 16Gb is a bit small, but so that is only a minor gripe!
All in all I am very pleased with my machine.
Open source
Upgradable (64GB emmc is nice)
Bootable from SD card so easy to try a new OS
Decent battery life (though charging is a bit slow)
And it actually looks quite nice.

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