How do you plan to use your board?
RKD78Y6: Proxmox is only for X86_64, and this is ARM64. So it will not work. However, Qemu HV does work.

Rock/Pro 64/Pinebook Pro: LinuxChromium OS
So/Pine A64/Pinebook: LinuxAndroid 6.0Android 7.1

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The Rock64 looks like it has great IO and plenty of memory. I have some data server application that I might want to try out.

I put in an order for one of the 4 GB ones, with a power supply. If it fulfills its promise, there'll be more.
I ordered a 4GB unit with power supply and eMMC module.
Plan is to evaluate for machine control - apply kernel PREEMPT RT patches; drive IO cards using SPI and Ethernet.
I plan to use Rock64 headless using Arch Linux Arm to run Samba, NginX and MariaDB.
I plan to use Rock64
- Rock64 with 1GB Ram 16 GB eMMC to Web Server with Python3
- Rock64 with 4GB Ram 64 GB eMMC and USB3 SATA-III for PostgreSQL

It link with GBe.
Plan on installing one in the ute (= pickup) as media server
(08-07-2017, 06:54 AM)Vyssute Wrote: Plan on installing one in the ute (= pickup) as media Server

Hi @ all,

i want to use the rock64 board like an always on and all-in-one device. The provided functions and features will be the following:
1) allways present:
-ac-wifi router: (LAN gigabit connection to a (customer crap owned by isp-provider) cable router that is forced to act in bridge mode (cable modem only) it will be my router deliverering my wifi-clients via a wifi-dongle (USB3 port)
-advertising filter (pi-hole, maybe native or via docker container)
-print server (there is a pupular Service for Linux but i forgot the name Big Grin

2) on demand: unused external hard drive will be powered off through USB2 powering abilities of the board
-4k/full hd media player (connected over HDMI 2.0 with smart TV, running Kodi, hopefully with CEC support as fall back using kodi remote for android, external hard drive connected with (one of the USB2 ports, not the OTG port)
-downloadstation (jdownloader, maybe native, maybe docker container or headless used with myjdownloader web) 
-backup scheduler/storage
-retro gaming (just for testing, will be not used very often)
-"backup" secondary pc solution if some other the device is out of order
-maybe some other stuff, see what the future brings

For now I'm not sure which OS to choose. At the moment libre elec sounds ok, but Debian or Arch might be a better choice. Do you think the 4GB Edition is able to master all the stuff? Of course I will order a eMMC despite I'm not sure which size.

I would be very thankful for your feedback, opinion, comments and ideas. Wink
I got the 4gb version as I thought I might try and push things a little.

I was wondering if I could use an Android base so part of it could be for Kodi, then using Linux Deploy to run OpenMediaVault in a chroot.
Then there is a bit of software called NextCloud that when the Collabora app is enabled you get LibreOffice online running.

In fact going to play with those combinations and might drop Android/Kodi for str8 Stretch or Xenial with OpenMediaVault & NextCloud as interested how this board does with the USB 3.0 as so many other SBC's suck relatively when it comes to I/O.
So yeah I will just be tinkering and hook up a SSD & a USB3.0 4 bay RAID unit I have.
$200 10-port Openflow SDN switch and networking lab. Wink
4G ROCK64 for OMV 3.0 with plugins for DUPLICATI, PLEXMEDIASERVER, URBACKUP-SERVER, WOL and Nextcloud 12 with Collabora Online as docker image ???
4G ROCK64 for Android based desktop or Linux based desktop

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