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Pine64 2Gb Ubuntu Mono not updating and stuck
Here have been using Ubuntu and Mono since early days of the Pine64.

Somewhere during updates mono updated itself to version 4.8.x.

It will no longer update relating to using an arm 64 bit CPU.

I want to edit the current repo for mono and everytime I do this it updates itself to this repo:


deb wheezy main
deb deb wheezy main
deb wheezy-apache24-compat main

In wheezy-apache24-compat main there is are no updates for 64bit ARM CPU mono versions.

Reading package lists... Done                     
N: Skipping acquire of configured file 'main/binary-arm64/Packages' as repository ' wheezy-apache24-compat InRelease' doesn't support architecture 'arm64'

Please tell me an easy way to lock in a version of mono that works with current Ubuntu Pine64 build?

I was just starting a manual build but will defer to waiting for an answer to my dilemma.


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