Problems using Spotify Web version because DRM (Firefox & Chromium)

I'm trying to use Spotify Web version,
I tried on Chromium and Firefox, but both cases I'd been redirected to a Spotify message saying (for me in spanish, try to write on english): "The play of DRM content is not enabled" and a link to a how-to for both navigators:

I have the configuration in Chromium that says the article, but still getting the same message.
In Firefox there are no option like said in the article.

Anyone knows how to use Spotify Web? (cause no ARM .deb version from the application)

Anything new?
I asked it on our IRC channel (#pine64)

And they told me this:
there is an open source port of libspotify
Spotify stopped supporting ARM a while ago
Volumio is using that for example
(08-14-2017, 05:56 AM)Pepe Wrote: Hello,
I asked it on our IRC channel (#pine64)

And they told me this:
there is an open source port of libspotify
 Spotify stopped supporting ARM a while ago
 Volumio is using that for example

Great, I will try it for sure, thanks!
Ok, it is not usable, build failed.

error: Could not compile `unicode-bidi`.
I had a similar case at Amazon music. I couldn't play any music before changing the User Agent. In my case, Setting the UA as Edge 13 (or 12). Why don't you try to change the UA? It might be a solution. Good Luck. Cool
Hi, is this solution? I think you can try to change your account location in USA on Spotify web player and then try again.

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