How to write image to emmc module on the pinebook
(06-29-2017, 10:07 AM)Luke Wrote: I gave a complete step by step on how to flash an image to eMMC (the easy way) in this post 

edit: ... and in this post...

edit 2: so I will sticky this post in hope of others seeing it before asking the same question Wink

ah ha, looks like the "select pinebook" option is what im missing. didn't realize that part at the top was a dropdown!
as always when you bang your head against something, you are just making yourself dumber, haha

I have almost made this mistake a few times, but I catch it once I realize that there are many more options for the older, more developer-tested PINE A64+.
it doesn't get happy
it doesn't get sad
it just runs programs
A big thanks to everyone involved in producing the Pinebook images;  

... finally got my Pinebook backed up last night and successfully upgraded it to 0.6.2 early this morning with no real difficulties;  thanks again!

Now its off to the office (Caribou Coffee House) to put it through its paces !

Big Grin
marcushh777    Cool

please join us for a chat @   or ssl

( I regret that I am not able to respond to personal messages;  let's meet on irc! )
Hello everyone !

No matter what I try I am unable to boot a Linux image on freshly arrived Pinebook. Right after it arrived I build in the 64GB eMMC (did not event boot from the original 16GB). After I charged the Pinebook for several hours it started with an Android image.

I downloaded the Pine64 Installer and followed the steps as described here but the Pinebook newer boots from the card. After start/reboot the Pine logo appears and after a while the android boot animation start to run on the screen. Did I miss something ? Do I need to press any button on start something ?

As far I tried following images:

and the build 0.5.2-59 from the Pine64 Installer selection.

I tried a Samsung EVO sdhc UHS-I 32GB and Verbatim 8GB MicroSD cards. No difference.
I tried the Verbatim SD card again and after the pinebook booted to Android and rebooted from there, pinebook booted linux - finaly! So maybe there is an incompatibility with some SD cards.

I used the script to write liux on the eMMC and now I am good to go.
This may be a trivial thing, but I am encountering trouble. I want to describe what I want to achieve and what I have done.

I like my Pinebook Pro. I want to get a well-working OS on it. It came with the Debian image, and I liked that one. I tried the Manjaro OS, liked that, and installed it. That was straightforward: Flash SD with "Install to EMMC" option, then boot and follow the install prompts. But I have not been able to correct ... something. I get a lot of errors connecting to update software or install software. Following troubleshooting leads me to clear and re-update my mirror list, to clear and redownload keys, and it all leads nowhere. Or to a "Get better internet," which is not possible to me because my network connection is via phone hotspot. So...

I liked the Debian install. In theory I would use the Pine64 Installer, the "Debian Desktop Community Build Image [microSD to eMMC] by mrfixit2001" build, and pop the SD card into my wont-update Manjaro PBP, and it would be the same - Boot, follow prompts, done. But instead it only boots to Debian on the SD card. So. How do I get from this link ( to some recent version of the Debian PBP OS installed on my EMMC? Is this a time to boot and DD it to the EMMC? I see the narration that "The Pine64 installer will set up an SD card to automagically install" but have not been able to. Help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
Hello, this is the "old" pinebook forum. There is higher chance to get answer on pinebook pro forum.

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